First Women Law Firm Lahore

First Women Law Firm Lahore

We are providing top of the line legal services in Pakistan, based on the proven expertise and experience.

First Women Law Firm Lahore

First Women Law Firm Lahore

We are a team of expert Lawyers in Lahore, required to address all your lawful needs easily and effectively.

first women law firm

Madiha Mushtaq

Advocate High Court

First Women Law Firm

We are a Tightly-woven network of active, assertive, experienced, sensible, rational, & impartial women advocates at your disposal in Lahore – Consistent, self-reliant, and independent lawyers in Pakistan. Building the foundation of the women-law firm on vision and values.

Our Core-Focus is managing risks and undergoing deep research. Our inspiration is shaping a trouble-free & crimes-free society. Our Objective is proposing precise judgments, qualitative data-analysis, professional reviews, and best opinions. Our Goal is establishing a classically liberal political thought and law tradition. Our Value is bringing forth serious solutions & relative law-principles envisioned for a free society. Our Approach is to prioritize or services for women law in Pakistan and to be distinct from other existing law firms in Lahore.

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Corporate Law

Company Registration & Capital Rising!

Property Law

Ownership, Tenancy, Movable & Immovable Property!

Family Law

Emancipation, Adoption, Divorce, & Paternity!

Intellectual Property Law

Preserving Books, Writings & Copyrights!

Civil Law

Private Rights Consolidation & Legal Remedies!

Criminal Law

Robbery, Rape, Murder, Arson, & Drug Dealing!

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