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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

We provide full non-contentious and contentious services in the matter of acquisition, strategic management, commercialization, exploitation, protection, and enforcement of Intellectual Property in the areas of Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents, as well as Industrial Design Right.

Protect Your Business With Best Intellectual Law Services

Intellectual property protection under the law protects your specific and valuable innovations, brands, logos, and creative works. We love providing expert Intellectual Law Services in Pakistan to protect the rights of your business. It’s the goal of the First Women Law Firm to safeguard the innovation patents, register trademarks, secure copyrights, enforce IP, protect private information, and cope up with every kind of IP-related exchange and arrangement at the cheapest possible price.

The intellectual property is an intangible property that has commercial value produced from an individual’s intellect.  Typically, these property privileges entail copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade-secrets, level of privacy, promotion, and defamation. The intellectual property law could also include coverage from the competition that is unfair. Many businesses have intangible property protection under the law and may notice their value generally when they are being infringed, mishandled, or absconded by others. One defensive measure a company can do in early stages in their development is to properly register or make an application for protection of the privileges in their respected market whether it’s statewide, nationwide, or international cover.

Intellectual Law Services Pakistan Features

Useful and novel ideas for corporate goodwill, regardless of how juvenile the starting point is, need to afford appropriate coverage. The First Women Law Firm services provide the modern intellectual property services to safeguard your own or business property protection under the law, no matter how small or large they might become during filing:

  1. Subscription of trademarks and trade names
  2. Copyright registration
  3. Enforcement and infringement actions
  4. Sign up for patents
  5. Licensing agreements
  6. Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements

Our work varies from negotiating any kind of IP-related business deal, paperwork to structuring, negotiating and utilizing intricate sourcing and proper alliances. Our legal representatives advise on a variety of commercial concerns including prices, performance, and governance.