Taxation Law

Taxation Law

Taxation Law

First women Law firm in Lahore offers solution to all type of Taxation related problems alike as in the matters of Income, Sales and Property Tax to a range of clientele including individual, small-scale businessmen, and big Corporations.

Hire Professional Taxation Law Services for Your Business Growth

It is just a matter of open up actuality that the legal and business issues are more intertwined than previously, therefore, we have been focused on providing market leading legal services alongside our taxation law, confidence, deals, and consultancy proficiency.

As Pakistan’s leading tax practice, specifically for women, we’re able to incorporate our services across corporate tax, indirect fees, stamp obligation, and tax dispute image resolution. This integration permits our team to provide higher insights, industry point of view and alternative commercial results for our clients.

Taxation Law Services Features

We operate the experienced and the multi-disciplinary team, to leverage knowledge and offer complete and designed advice, and end-to-end alternatives for your business. Our expert team of tax law specialists brings generations of experience to take care of all areas of federal, condition, and international taxation, emphasizing sensible yet creative answers to your specific business obstacles. As a high tax service, the First Women Law Firm counsels general population and privately held businesses which range from start-ups to well-established companies on a multitude of matters, including:

  1. Mergers / acquisitions / restructurings;
  2. Debt and collateral financings;
  3. Hedge finance/private equity account structuring;
  4. Tax credit and task funding, including renewables;
  5. Nonprofit and communal ventures; and payment and benefits.

Whether you are building, operating, selling or buying an enterprise, the legal professionals at the First Women Law Firm can help you achieve the maximum tax results. Our lawyers provide advice regarding business financings, including angel and capital raising investments, debt tools, and derivative products. Our tax lawyers provide good advice on all areas of tax-exempt qualification, procedure and fund bringing up, tax-exempt/conventional funding, unrelated business tax issues, and the framework of joint projects or other ventures relating taxable entities.